Great for Team Buildings

“An average person learns 5% of what they hear, 10% of what they read, 20% of they see and hear simultaneously, and 75% of what they discover by themselves”

(National Training Laboratories, 1970).

Fox in a Box Madrid presents the best option for corporate events. We have recreational, formative and ad hoc experiences, adapting completely to your needs and location.

In the Ancora facilities, we have 1500m2 equipped with all the amenities to make your event a unique experience; 6 themed escape rooms, meeting and monitoring room. Besides, we also provide catering options and the possibility of including complementary activities.

There is no better way to combine leisure, work and personal growth than a team building. A  fashionable term, and yet essential for the proper functioning of any business.

There are more than 300 companies that have already trusted us. Do not hesitate to contact us to expand the information.

Some of the companies that have entrusted us:

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